2021-2022 School Year
Food Drives

We are always excited to work together to provide for our communities!

PVUSD Schools

Boulder Creek Elementary School

10,420 Pounds


Copper Canyon Elementary School

8,601 Pounds
107 turkeys
$100 Cash

Chaparral High School (Scottsdale Unified School District)

143 Pounds

Desert Springs Elementary

870 Pounds

Desert Trails Elementary

4,872 Pounds

Explorer Middle School

540 Pounds

Fireside Elementary School

4,126 pounds

Grayhawk Elementary School

2,400 Pounds

Hidden Hills Elementary School

1,140 Pounds

Horizon High School

311 Pounds


Indian Bend Elementary School

1,470 Pounds

Liberty Elementary School

360 Pounds

Mercury Mine Elementary School

2,130 Pounds

North Canyon High School

840 Pounds

North Ranch Elementary School

1,260 Pounds

Palomino Primary School

3,210 Pounds

Palomino Intermediate School

1,320 Pounds

Paradise Valley High School

29 Pounds

Paradise Valley HS Women’s Volleyball Team

450 Pounds

Pinnacle High School

3,450 Pounds

Pinnacle Peak Preparatory

850 Pounds

Quail Run Elementary School

3,600 Pounds

Quail Run Elementary School

150 Pounds

Sandpiper Elementary School

3,000 Pounds

Sandpiper Elementary 'Souper Bowl' Food Drive

240 Pounds

Shadow Mountain High School

2,477 Pounds

Shea Middle School

2,220 Pounds

Sky Crossing Elementary School

1,500 Pounds

Sunrise Middle School

479 Pounds

Sweetwater Connect

630 Pounds

Wildfire Elementary School

1,450 Pounds


Agriculture And Eguine School

750 Pounds

Archway Charter School

5,420 Pounds

Arizona Language Prep

1,350 Pounds

Basis Phoenix Primary

1,863 Pounds

Basis Phoenix Primary

360 Pounds

Basis Scottsdale Primary School East

2,451 Pounds

Basis Scottsdale Primary School West

820 Pounds

Crestview College Preparatory

660 Pounds

Discovery 4H

153 Pounds

Franklin Phonetic Primary School

360 Pounds

Great Hearts Academics Archway North Phoenix

1,890 Pounds

Montessori Day Public School-Mountainside

1,200 Pounds


Annunication Catholic School

238 Pounds

Rancho Solano Preparatory Lower

5,730 Pounds

Thunderbird Adventist Academy

450 Pounds

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Copper Canyon Elementary School holds food drive on their campus.