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Whole Foods Market Donates Van to PV Community Food Bank!

The food bank has put over 2200 miles on the van since receiving it in February 2022.

This is a small part of the story as we make many short trips.

The van has enabled three new programs at the Food Bank allowing us to take food to people without transportation.

We fed 60 additional families over the summer by taking food to Palomino Elementary School neighborhood.

The food bank has begun a program of delivering food to people who live in the Palomino neighborhood who have no transportation and made deliveries to their homes feeding 15 families.

Finally, the food bank now can take food to a group home with veterans.

We are planning to expand all these programs next year thanks to the van.

As you know the economy is very tight and along with our great partnership with Whole Foods the PV Community Food Bank depends on food drives within the community and the van has helped us pick up over 20,000 pounds of donations as well as 2 pallets of water (1500 lbs.) to help our clients in the summer months.

The need for food to support the community is growing and without the van we would not be able to handle the 30% growth in people requesting food we are serving.

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Humans and Animals Donating Dog and Cat Food!

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