Family Assist Food Boxes

We serve thousands of families and individuals in our community!

Who we serve

What you need

Be sure to bring paperwork that will allow us to verify that you are a part of the community that we serve.

We will need photo identification to serve you as well. A driver’s license and state issued ID would be a couple of examples.

You can call this number (602) 867-9228 in order to schedule an appointment at our food bank.

We also welcome walk-ins. We are open between 9am and 4pm each weekday.

Boundary Variance

Definition of Boundary Variance: Child attends a school in PVUSD but resides outside the PVUSD boundaries.

  1. Periodically a child is enrolled in a PVUSD school and does not reside within the PVUSD geographic boundaries.
  2. In these situations, the child and their family will be eligible for the usual food assistance visits from the food bank.
  3. Proof of the boundary variance should be submitted once in a 12-month period to the food bank.
  4. Proof of a child’s school enrollment may include emails from the school, school ID for middle school and older, report card, registration form, etc.