PV Community Food Bank’s Qualifying Organization Code is 20265.

PVCFB is now open Saturdays!

For the first time in 30 years, PV Community Food Bank is now open on Saturdays from 9:00am - 12:00pm. Call 602-867-9228 to schedule an appointment!

Job Opportunity!

The title is Community Programs VISTA Coordinator. The goal of the VISTA project is to address food insecurity for those in need within the PV Community Food Bank’s (PVCFB) 98 square mile service area which is known as the “Neighbors Caring, Neighbors Sharing Outreach Program”. For more information about the VISTA program and how to apply, please click below!!

PV Community Food Bank has been nominated!

PVCFB has been nominated as one of the best nonprofit organizations in the valley. Beginning March 15th, you can vote PVCFB as the BEST OF THE BEST. Visit the link below to vote for PV Community Food Bank!

Thank You to the Sundt Foundation!

Special Thank You to the Sundt Foundation for their generous $5,000 check in support of our Weekend Food4Kids Program! This allows us to feed Title 1 School children in the PV Unified School District during their weekends away from their school feeding programs!

Thank You to Season for Sharing for Donating $7,500 to PVCFB!

Thank you Season For Sharing for making a difference and being an inspiration to us all! Be sure to visit the links below for more information about Season For Sharing's generous donation!

Palomino Pizza Party!

As a thank you to our second graders at Palomino Primary, they received a pizza party!

Whole Foods Donation!

Whole Foods Market generously donated a refrigerated van to PV Community Food Bank!

Thank you Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation!

Special Thank You to the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation & D-Backs Give Back for the generous grant to support our Weekend Food4Kids Backpack Program!

Thank you Scottsdale Bible Church!

Thank you Paster Rick Holman and SBC Cactus Campus for a generous cash donation and for a very successful turkey and canned food drive at this Thanksgiving season.

Thank you Starbucks!

For your donation to PV Community Food Bank!

Thank you SBC Cactus!

For loaning the food bank a freezer and the wonderful donation of meat!

Thank you Great Hearts Phoenix Prepatory!

The students were extremely helpful and excited to assist in loading the van with donations!

Critical Needs!

Canned Chicken, Cereal, Toilet Paper, Soap, Canned spaghetti. For other donations, please follow the link below!

Palomino Outreach Program!

Our volunteers with our new canopy and table cover during the summer program for POP!

Food Drives!

We continue to have the need for food drives. Get involved by scheduling a food drive today!

Thanks to Target!

As part of the Target Summer Hydration Program, Target donated two pallets of water to PVCFB!
Based on 137 reviews
Jessica Faciane
Jessica Faciane
This place is filled with the most caring and wonderful people that use their time to help people in need and they give food to people that need it. They give alot of good and for people that need the help I would definitely recommend you go here.
Keith Kjf (DEATHMASK247)
Keith Kjf (DEATHMASK247)
Very friendly and an absolute easy process from start to finish. Just call ahead and setup an appt to be seen and make sure to bring a bill with you name and address on it. When you sign up you get 12 visits for the year and you can use them at least a week apart or monthly.
Blu_ Lagoon
Blu_ Lagoon
Treated poorly because of their own agenda and act like they care. Lady looked down on me when I asked a question and was belittling. They don’t have have the best interest in anyone but themselves. after getting in my face she gets out and hops in her hundred thousand dollar Tesla. The way she made me feel that day was as if I’m a peasant for wanting to get food at this place. Surely I being the nice person and having one lady come in out if nowhere and make snarky remarks without knowing the situation was uncalled for that was a degrading experience.
David Tope
David Tope
Thank you for helping me out .You all are very blessed people .
Paula Roark
Paula Roark
Lots of good fresh food there.And milk too and tp.
Brian and Theresa McLaughlin Sullivan
Brian and Theresa McLaughlin Sullivan
Everyone that volunteers/works at this food bank have been absolutely incredible! They are always willing to fit you in if they are able to and will get you in the soonest possible if they don't have any way to get you an appointment that day. The food items are great, they also help with toiletries and feminine needs when they have them available, as well as food for your dog(s) or cat(s) if you have any. Just don't be afraid to ask. They want to help and you can definitely see that when you interact with them. Before COVID, they also had coupons for items you may need to purchase outside of what they give you, but I don't know if they still offer them. Lastly, they also have flyers with additional information regarding other places that offer assistance if you need more resources.
Arlene Zanders
Arlene Zanders
I been getting a food box from them for a few years . They are helpful and kind .
Jerry Enloe
Jerry Enloe
Good place if you need help with food for the month .